Learning Community: HOLA

A connected world of communicative communities starts with you!  



HOLA is a new United States Latinx Studies (USLS) Learning Community open to all students at ISU. It creates connections for students seeking closer relationships between their coursework, faculty, and fellow students! This Learning Community is open to any student (including transfers) of any major (including open option), who is eligible for placement in English 250.

HOLA students will learn about the status of Latinos/as/x from social, economic, historical, political, filmic and literary perspectives, while developing sophisticated, college level communication skills. This course bundle also fulfills an Arts and Humanities requirement, the US Diversity requirement, and the ISU Comm. English 250 requirement. 

HOLA serves as an intensive writing and critical thinking platform, offering a high impact learning experience for students, through interconnected programming led by an ISU faculty member in the Department of World Languages and Cultures and a bi-lingual Ph.D. student in the English Department. Students work closely with peer mentors and engage multi-pronged learning practices.

  • Do you wonder who Latinos/as/x are?
  • Do you identify as a Latino/a/x member of US Society?
  • Would you like to learn about the history of Spanish-Speaking communities in the United States?
  • Do you wonder about mass media representations of Hispanic-Americans?
  • Do you want to understand the labels, terms, and processes of Latino/a, Latinx, Hispanic, Hispanic-American in our conversations?
  • Would you like to be part of a growing and inclusive community of citizens respecting each other in an international/hemispheric context?
  • Would you like to be a leader in your community, dialoguing with compassionate understanding about diversity and inclusion?

HOLA is for you!!! This LC links a section of USLS 211: Intro to Latinx Studies with English 250: Written, Oral, Visual and Electronic Composition.  

Register for the following:

HOLA (Ref# 9454108)

USLS 211, Section 3                          TR 9:30-10:50

English 250, Section PE                     MWF 11-11:50

Lib 160, Section 7                                 


LTM Reference number is 9454108

US LS 211 section 3 reference number, 2890015

ENGL 250 section PE reference number, 3299575