Student Podcast

This podcast, featuring an examination of cultural differences and their significance, can be listened to here

This podcast was part of a final group project in Dr. Megan Myers’ USLS 211 (“Introduction to Latino/a Studies”) during the Fall 2018 semester. The entire class brainstormed the idea for our class podcast, titled “ISU-tú: The Latinx Experience and ISU and Beyond,” and each group recorded an episode (centered on a variety of topics). The class identified the primary audience for the podcasts as undergraduate students at ISU. These podcasts were submitted to the instructor and listened to during class time; these episodes are not to be shared or used for other purposes beyond the “Featured Students” section of the ISU U.S. Latino/a Studies webpage. All podcasts are shared with permission of students.

The students featured in this podcast are: Aimee Rodin, Riley Crook, Elliot Morgan, and Jimmy Pintin