Embark on a learning adventure in US Latino/a/x Studies that will make you the better job candidate throughout your career!


Latinos/as/x are the largest and fastest growing, culturally diverse population in the United States, representing dynamic and thriving American realities.

True to its land-grant mission, and in recognition of the growing importance of the Latino/a communities in the Midwest, Iowa State University invited Dr. Hector Avalos to found the US Latino/a Studies Program in 1994. Strategically, ISU welcomed leading faculty specialized in Latino/a Studies through a multi-disciplinary approach.

Today, U.S. Latino/a Studies at Iowa State University is a cross-disciplinary, coalition-building program that offers well-structured and creative coursework to students interested in the arts, cultures, economies, histories, politics, religions, and literatures of Latino/a/x communities throughout the United States. It facilitates the study of a vast array of communities and individuals with roots in the Caribbean and Latin America, and to long-established U.S. citizen communities such as Chicanos/as, Mexican Americans, Tejanos, Californios, Cuban-Americans, Dominican-Americans, and Puerto Ricans on the island and on the mainland. Because of complicated colonial histories, diverse ethnic, racial, and religious backgrounds, and cross-cultural experiences, United States Latino/a/x Studies embodies a bold kind of Hemispheric International Enterprise.

The USLS Program offers courses that meet the ISU Diversity Requirement and the Humanities General Education Requirement, and offers a 15 credit Minor.

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