Add a Cross disciplinary minor or major to your field of study.  

US Latino/a/x Studies at ISU provides its students a vibrant safe space to examine, explore, and understand the past, present, and future of Latinos/as in the US, their connections to Latin American countries, native populations, and the African diaspora.

The program aims to serve as a bridging hub that connects classes, service and outreach opportunities across colleges, schools, and departments. Consequently, students can discover a stimulating field of critical and academic research, engage in an exciting platform on which to link different fields of study, and become part of outreach/community networks in which they will grow to become outstanding, conscientious leaders in their respective careers.

U.S. Latino/a/x Studies is well suited to careers in Education, Psychology, History, Sociology, Business, Journalism, Spanish Language and Cultures, Women’s and Gender Studies, and Agriculture. A U.S. Latino/a Studies minor, or a double major with a Latino/a Studies track in Interdisciplinary Studies, strengthens student profiles as they compete for jobs on the global market because they have attained an in-depth experience of local and global experiences of Latin America and the Caribbean, as well as a sophisticated understanding of diversity and inclusion in the United States.

Our studies program offers an Interdisciplinary Studies Major track in U.S. Latino/a Studies and a US Latino/a Studies Minor.