Kacey Berry, Anlis Mercado Rios & David Vega


Kacey Berry


“This summer was an amazing experience that I would love to do again. While conducting interviews for the Business Needs Assessment, I was able to improve my Spanish listening, comprehension, and speaking abilities in preparation for my semester abroad in Spain. Additionally, I gained a general experience working in a professional field, something I had not had previously as this was my first internship; this experience taught me how to write a professional publication and conduct interviews. While working with my community partner, I learned how to complete a task without specific instructions and be self-motivated and self-directed. In addition to these practical skills, I also identified potential career paths. As a freshman, I had not thought too hard about what I wish to do after college. During this internship, I realized I would love to work in a non-profit similar to my community partner rather than teach English as a Second Language. Overall, the practical skills and career avenues I discovered in this internship are irreplaceable and will greatly impact my future.”


Anlis Mercado Rios


“My name is Anlis Mercado-Rios. During Summer 2019 I was part of the USLS Rising Star Internship. From this internship I got to experience a variety of Hispanic cultures. I got to see first hand the struggles that people can face when coming to the United States, specially if the language is unknown. However, I also got to see how people overcome these challenges and look for ways to achieve their dreams such as opening their own restaurant. From this internship, I learned about myself that I want to study Law so that I can be of service to the community around me and help those who have limited responsibilities.”


David Vega


“During my internship I got to learn about the many different Latino communities here in Iowa. Being from Houston Texas, I had the pleasure of being around a predominantly Latino community. This was different once I came to Iowa State, as it was the first time I had felt that I was in the minority. That is why I took the internship, to learn more about Latino communities as they start to develop and grow. During the spring semester I learned about Perry, Iowa and their Latino leaders.This was in an effort to increase participation of Latinos in the Census survey. In the summer, I got to expand my knowledge to Sioux City.This is where I learned about Latino businesses and the struggles that occur when starting their own business. Overall I can say I enjoyed my experience. I got to learn so much about the importance of representation and accessibility when it comes to Latino success.I also got to know more about what makes Latinos successful. I have gained interpersonal skills, communication skills, and an abundance of small business knowledge.”