Anlis Mercado-Rios

CATEGORIES: Featured Students

“A Latino studies minor to me means more opportunities to understand different cultures that come together through language, history, and ancestry. It means that I get to expand my knowledge about how other countries live, adapt, and the challenges they face in order to have a better understanding of society. It also gives me the opportunity to have a broader understanding of the language and be able to communicate with other people in a way that each of us understands. So, for me taking USLS courses helped me see that I want to pursue a career in law. Thanks to the Rising Star internship that I did through the USLS Program, I was able to understand and it opened my eyes to the big need that the U.S has, which is working with minorities. I was also able to see firsthand, the disadvantage that this community has because, maybe, they don’t know their rights, or speak the language (English) to be able and communicate their needs. I can’t really say what my favorite USLS course has been, since all of them have provided me with information and different perspectives that I can apply in my day-to-day life. Personally, USLS courses are important to me because they give me the opportunity to study history from “my people.” I am Puerto Rican and grew up in Puerto Rico. There isn’t much diversity there, like in the United States, but our history is connected with the whole world. By educating myself and studying USLS I was able to expand that knowledge and deepen my understanding of Puerto Rico, as well as my Latino and Hispanic neighbors. I have a major in Child, Adult, and Family Services and a minor in psychology. Taking classes in the USLS Program about other countries helps me to understand the cases that I work with better, and then I can better assist anyone that walks through my door. My major works with the development of people in different stages throughout life, including families, and how these interactions define many aspects in life. So, having taken courses in USLS, I am able to have a broader knowledge about cultures, society, and how to better help people from all backgrounds and situations.”