Grace Trembath

CATEGORIES: Featured Students

“My Latino/a studies minor is my way of exploring a subject that I find interesting, specifically the history and cultures of Latin America. It also has helped me gain a better understanding of the growing diversity in the United States. Since I was already a Spanish major, it felt very natural to add a USLS minor. I took USLS 211 with Dr. Behnken during the spring of my junior year to fulfill my U.S. Diversity requirement and I really enjoyed the content. So, I decided to add a minor. I also really enjoyed the fact that I could take courses for the minor in both English and Spanish. I am planning on doing a service year with AmeriCorps after I graduate in May. One of the things that I love about the USLS program is that the knowledge and skills I have gained, will be applicable to any future career I might have. I’m exploring a few different career options and I know that no matter which I choose, I will be better prepared for it because of my minor.”