Neylise Larregui-Cintron

CATEGORIES: Featured Students

“I chose USLS as my minor because I am a Latina. I thought that it would be nice to learn a broader spectrum of how different cultures face different difficulties. Dr. Suarez recommended that I join the minor, and that then I could do an internship through the USLS program. I thought that that was a great opportunity to try something different and be a part of the program. I hope to be able to work in an organization that helps the Latino/a community like immigration and access to lawyers. Being able to give the Latino/a community opportunities, especially for children, to reach their full potential is important to me. I love the USLS classes that I’ve taken. They are formatted as more of a discussion, so every student got to contribute. It’s just a conversation that allows for us all to have an input and learn from each other.”