Sarahi Peralta

CATEGORIES: Featured Students

“To me, having a minor in Latino/a studies means understanding how history and present events have affected and continue to affect the lives of people with Latinx decent, especially when talking about the particular demographic in the United States. I am currently majoring in child, adult, and family services, but I see myself working with the Latinx community after I graduate from ISU. I am not sure what that will look like, but I am hopeful that I will get to apply my knowledge to my career in the future. Having a USLS minor will help me in the future by letting me get more familiar with policies, historical events, and people who continue to affect and influence the Latinx community to this day. Having a USLS minor also personally means really understanding how I grew up and how things that seemed irrelevant or insignificant really played a role in how I saw myself, my family, and my community. Professionally, I hope to use what I learn to challenge some of those ideas and stigmas that I grew up against. I hope to do advocacy work with adolescents about how they themselves, can challenge those same oppressions I faced when I was younger.”