USLS Graduating Minors

~ USLS Graduating Minors ~

Cassandra Bucklin:

What’s Next: After graduation, I am going to move to Missoula, Montana. Once settled into my new home, I plan to continue on to graduate school and pursue my master’s degree to become a Spanish professor

Nicholas Flores

Natalie Rivera:

What’s Next: I will be attending graduate school in the fall and pursuing a master’s degree in criminal justice, with an emphasis on corrections and the Latino/a population. 

Neylise D. Larregui Cintrón:

What’s Next: After I graduate, I plan to go back home to Puerto Rico and work with a non-profit community organization. A year after getting settled in, I will begin a master’s in community organization.

Adam Bittner:

What’s Next: Right now, I plan to come home to Pennsylvania in June (my sister is getting married in August) and start working and saving up money. There are a lot of agricultural projects that I want to get involved in, and I plan to move to Puerto Rico to start work. Probably as a volunteer first, but then transitioning to something more formal. I’ve worked in IAAS, an agricultural NGO in college and would like to start my own IAAS committee in Puerto Rico – frankly I find it upsetting that many islands rely on imported goods and foods rather than using their own arable land and I’d like to find a way to change this for a local community. In addition, finding crops and varieties that are native to Puerto RIco and growing them organically – that would be my dream.

Hector Hernandez

The USLS program is so proud of you all for graduating! We cant wait to see all the great things you all accomplish!

Congratulations 🙂