USLS Student Learning Outcomes



Upon the completion of their program of study, students with an interdisciplinary studies major in U.S. Latino/a/x Studies will demonstrate proficiency in four goal areas: Communication, Cross-Cultural Literacy, Critical Thinking, and Lifelong Learning Skills.

  1. Communication: Key communication skills, including written, oral, and digital. Understanding textual and media sources and ability to apply media literacy to cross-cultural analysis. Working knowledge of social scientific and/or humanistic approaches in the field.
  2. Cross-Cultural Literacy: Ability to communicate across communities and acknowledge different communicative styles and languages including Spanish, Portuguese, and Indigenous.
  3. Critical Thinking: Ability to analyze from a transnational/transborder/translocal perspective and to objectively examine the interconnections between Latinx, Caribbean, and Latin American communities, as part of the United States body politic. Developing key skills, such as finding and understanding sources, comparing arguments, proposing solutions to discussed problems within an expansive historical perspective that includes class, ethnicity, gender, and race.
  4. Lifelong Learning Skills: Acquisition of practical hands-on skills in community engagement, extension and outreach service, amongst multiple peer groups, in different settings such as urban, rural, and/or international.