Welcome New Faculty Affiliate!

USLS is just thrilled to welcome its newest affiliate, Dr. Luana Lamberti.
I am a sociolinguist and a creolist. My research focuses on the sociolinguistic aspect of contact-induced features from Portuguese and Spanish. I have carried out long-term research in the Helvécia community from Bahia, Brazil, to document Helvécia Afro-Brazilian Portuguese. I have also worked with other Afro-Iberian varieties, such as Afro-Bolivian Spanish and African Portuguese. My most recent work focuses on how language ideologies affect dialect shift among speakers of minority languages. I am also currently working on a co-edited multilingual handbook entitled Afro-Iberian Languages: Contact and Sociohistory. The book will introduce several Afro-Iberian languages and varieties created by Africans or their descendants in the Americas and Africa