Scholarship Application Instructions

In order to be considered the the US Latino/a Studies Internship Scholarship, please answer the following questions, save them as one PDF, and send it via email to Dr. Lucía M. Suárez at


Please Include/Answer the Following:

  • Full name
  • ISU student ID number
  • Address (street, #, city, state, ZIP)
  • Phone number
  • E-mail address
  • are you a declared US Latino/a Studies minor/major? (yes or no)
  • If you answered “yes” to the above question: when, where, and with whom will you be working? (remember to consult the list of internship opportunities on the USLS home page!)
  • Contact information for one faculty member who may serve as a reference in support of your application
  • Unofficial transcript from AccessPlus
  • A 1-page cover letter describing the following:
    • Your internship
    • How the experience will relate to your USLS studies
    • How such experiences will impact your career plans
  • Proof of planned work such as:
    • An acceptance letter
    • E-mail from a program director stating you have been formally accepted into a program
    • Paperwork
    • Learning contract related to your commitment to a summer internship with Iowa’s Latinx communities


Please submit these as one PDF via e-mail to Dr. Suárez ( by April 10, 2021.