Featured: SPAN/USLS 305

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Spanish/USLS 305 Spanish for Heritage Speakers, offered for the first time in the Fall 2019, is a new class designed for native or heritage Spanish speakers with oral proficiency in Spanish but with little or no formal academic training in the language. Specifically, this class is designed for students who grew up speaking Spanish at home, but have not learned the language in a formal school setting.

This course focuses on introducing more formal vocabulary, advancing the knowledge of Spanish grammar and improving overall writing and reading skills in formal and informal settings. Readings and discussions foster a critical understanding of educational, social, and ethical issues in the Hispanic culture in the U.S and abroad.

A substantial part of the content of this course taps on building a sense of community with other Spanish speakers by understanding cultural differences and issues from diverse perspectives within the different Hispanic communities in the US.

Span/USLS 305, will be offered again in Spring 2021 semester. If you are interested in this course and have any questions, please contact Marta Vessoni-Lence at mlence@iastate.edu.