Featured Course: USLS/CJST 360X

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Dr. Shannon Harper just taught, “Latinas and Victimization: Examining Survival Strategies and Justice,” for the first time at ISU in the Fall of 2020. She taught it face-to-face. Here’s what a couple of her fabulous students had to say about their experience:

“CJ ST 360 was my favorite class last semester, I felt as if I was able to explore my knowledge and learn more about the Latinx Community. One of my favorite things about the course was learning about was how members of the Latinx community, especially women, experience intimate partner violence at higher rates compared to other women. This class really opened my eyes and made me think about how women of color experience victimization differently compared to others in society. Some of my favorite projects throughout the semester were our journal reflections. With these journal reflections, I was able to voice how I felt about the topics we were learning from class and put them into my writing. These journal reflections challenged my critical thinking skills while pushing me outside of my comfort zone, and they allowed me to think deeply about how people of color, especially Latinas, view the Criminal Justice System differently. Finally, what I would tell other students about this class, is that it is one of the best classes offered at Iowa State if you want to retain information that will stick with you forever. Dr. Harper is an amazing professor that makes this class such an open and safe environment for all of her students.” – Hannah Formaro, Senior studying Criminal Justice

“I was able to get a better understanding of how intersectionalities impact and shape Latinas. There was also a focus on victimization, where that experience ties in relationships, or lack thereof, with the CRJ, CRL system, and other possible providers. I understand the Latinx culture from firsthand experience, but never in the aspect of acculturation or victimization. I can now see that American society’s structure is not made for Latinas, where there is an expectation for them to fit in, but there is a lack of cultural competence. Due to the lack of cultural competence, it is hard for Latinas to “fit in” or become successful in the American culture/society. I wrote a midterm essay, personal reflections, and took a final exam in this class. These projects allowed me to reflect on the course content. The course content was never sugar-coated, and there needs to be reflection if it’s in the form of speaking in class or through a paper. Both are very essential. The projects were also a chance to become creative with the course content; there was room to understand topics in your own way and reveal them to the best of your ability. It has been one of my favorite courses because the content is so real. You grasp that there is so much more than just the American culture/society through the Latina’s experiences. You are able to understand the Latinx culture, but specifically for Latinas, and realize how strong these women are.” – Natalie Rivera, Junior studying Psychology