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Jacqueline Cruz

“Hi! My name is Jackie and I’m majoring in Political Science while double minoring in US Latino/a Studies and Spanish. To have this internship is not only an amazing opportunity for me, but will set me with great skills that I will need for the future. It will help me get an insight of what … Continue reading Jacqueline Cruz

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Dr. Megan Myers

What work have you accomplished and/or done for the USLS program at Iowa State? With regards to teaching, I have taught USLS 211 (the program’s introductory course) numerous times over the past five years. I also teach a newer course that is cross-listed with Spanish. This course, USLS/SPAN 325, has a required community engagement element … Continue reading Dr. Megan Myers

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First USLS Graduating Student Award, 2019

Congratulations to Kimberly Thomas for receiving the inaugural Latinx Excellence Award in the newly redesigned program for U.S. Latino/a Studies. She served as a USLS Ambassador and aced her USLS Intro course. What an honor to have her be our student! After graduation, she will be traveling and starting graduate school in Anthropology at ISU.